Our Control Rooms

Our Control Rooms are the most important rooms of our facilities. Its where daily decision making affects every area of our business as well as the business and safety of our clients.

Our Control Room Operators focus daily on being more attentive, quicker in response to monitoring scenarios and reacting more rational with responses that yield a higher productivity.


Reliable and Proven

Our Control Room equipment is tested and proven to provide results!

Qualified Members

Experts in their Field

Our Expert staff provide a reliable service and are trained to be the best in their field.

Latest Technology

Always Watching

You can feel safe knowing we are always here protecting you, your family and your property.

Control Room Design

We have taken extra pre-caution and only the best was used available in the market to design our Control Rooms, because a well-designed Control Room with enough ventilation is of paramount importance to ensure our Control Room Operators are always alert and on top of their game.