Maintaining a high standard of competent, trained, and efficient workforce is an important objective for a security service provider. Well trained security personnel ensure that we provide quality services. We therefore provide ongoing hands on training to our security personnel that result in enhanced physical, fit personnel with increased analytical abilities. 

As a Security Service provider, we must, before employing any person as a security officer, take all reasonable steps to verify his/her registration status, level of training received, qualifications obtained. The following concerning factors will be taken into consideration as is required by PSIRA.


Reliable Members

We ensure that all Security officers are equipped with the necessary equipment perform the duties and functions.

Qualified Members

Trained Members

All our staff undergo rigorous training to ensure your safety in any given situation.

Latest Technology

Monitoring and Protection

We offer the installation of a modern, reliable electronic alarm system, monitored by our 24 hour control room.

Recruitment Policies and Procedures

Our recruiting and selection procedures cover, the assessment of their skills and experience. A formal background check is conducted to verify, a clean track record. Recruits must have received training at a registered and accredited service provider that is accredited with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).

Our team consists of fully qualified staff with a firm background and understanding of the law and an in-depth knowledge of how crime negatively affects the efficient running of an organization. We are equipped with all the skills and expertise required for rendering not only security solutions but, personal protection, the handling of investigations in a professional manner as well as to ensure the efficiency of any organization as an integrated whole.