Burglars Identified and Detained

After a reported business burglary, personnel from Delta Blue engaged with the owner and viewed footage, and processed potential leads of the incident. 

During the course of the investigation, suspects was identified that resulted in a operational plan set in motion, that led to the immediate follow up of an address of one of the suspected ring leaders. 

This swift action resulted in the safe return of all stolen goods and valuables. 

Suspects was placed into safe custody and handed over to the SAPS for further detention and investigation. 

Bravo Delta Team for a job well done

Attempted Robbery Thwarted

Success report:

Would be robber apprehended at Heathway shopping centre:
An African male was apprehended while attempting to rob a unsuspecting patron. Quick acting Delta Blue members noticed the possible situation, and diffused it by arresting the suspect before he attempted to escape. A Knife was seized, and suspect was later handed over to the relevant authorities for further detention and investigation.

Well done team!

Delta Blue – We Are Here

Success report:

Quick acting Delta Blue personnel apprehended 2 suspects at Heathway shopping centre. The duo tried to escape after being caught in the criminal act, but due to the vigilant response of our team, the suspects are now safely behind bars in the holding cells.
Well done team!
Delta Blue – We Are Here

Crime Awareness – City Power Scam

We would like to alert everyone of an incident where the man in this photo claimed to be from City Power and said he was at the property to disconnect the power. He tried to get a R2,000 bribe out of the resident so as not to disconnect.

When the resident refused and went to get help he got into his car and began filling out a form. As to make his presence look more official. He then drove off.

We have checked with City Power and this is not one of their employees.

If you have a similar experience please call City Power Risk Control on 011 490-7900 / 7911 /7553 to verify their details or your Security Company to have them detained. But whatever you do *DO NOT PAY A BRIBE*.

He seems to be working in a few areas. These photos were taken in Edenvale.

Delta Blue – We Are Here.

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